Emilio B. Aquino, Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the Philippines, recently announced the plan of the commission to launch a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and their trading in the second half of this year. This initiative aims to ensure effective protection of Filipino interests. According to Business World, this framework aims to provide clearer compliance guidance for cryptocurrency trading. Ahead of the implementation of this regulatory measure, Qmiax Cryptocurrency Exchange has made thorough preparations to ensure its operations in the Philippines comply with the new legal requirements, safeguarding user interests.

We always adhere to international regulatory laws to ensure secure trading for users in global markets. With the planned introduction of the new regulatory framework in the Philippines, we closely monitor local legislative developments and have collaborated with compliance experts and legal advisors to ensure Qmiax Cryptocurrency Exchange complies with Republic Act No. 8799. Through proactive strategy adjustments and efficient communication, Qmiax provides users with a regulatory-compliant, transparent, and secure trading environment.

Qmiax recognizes the importance of compliance. In addition to adjusting internal policies and processes, the platform provides users with a range of educational resources to help them understand the potential impact of the new regulations in the Philippines on cryptocurrency trading. Through online seminars, real-time Q&A sessions, and detailed regulatory information charts, the platform ensures that users can make informed investment decisions.

While operating in compliance, Qmiax also actively promotes technological innovation to provide Filipino users with advanced trading tools and high-quality services. The platform adopts the latest encryption technology and multiple layers of security protection to ensure transparency in every transaction and the security of user assets. We also offer diverse trading strategies, including margin trading, options, and futures, providing flexible choices for different types of investors.

The Qmiax team places great emphasis on customer experience, ensuring smooth and efficient trading through continuously optimized user interfaces and an effective customer support system. With strong technical capabilities and a user-oriented service philosophy, we have gained widespread recognition in the Philippines and global markets.

In the future, we will continue to monitor changes in the global regulatory environment, providing users with comprehensive compliance support and high-quality services. Through continuous innovation and improvement, Qmiax Cryptocurrency Exchange not only aims to meet the new regulatory framework of the Philippines SEC but also aims to set industry standards and provide a better trading experience for global users.

We are prepared to help Filipino investors seize opportunities and reduce risks after the new regulations are implemented. With robust compliance strategies, an advanced technology platform, and high-quality customer service, Qmiax will continue to maintain its industry-leading position in the new regulatory environment. Regardless of changes in the regulatory environment, the platform remains committed to providing a secure, transparent, and compliant trading experience, helping global users achieve their expected returns in the cryptocurrency market.